Sea Taxi/See Doo Yamaha water toy garage


Coated product, made of closed cell and waterproof fabric. An 'elegant version of a' very useful item, going to the beach from the boat with paddles, buckets and everything necessary for the little ones in tow will no longer be a problem.In addition, the base, once the bag is detached, can be used to park the See Doo/Yamaha, not taking up useful space in the boat during our day on the water. Equipped with 10 meters of line and carabiner.It is washable, towable, anchorable and modular

Height H Length L Width W Diameter D
3,94 26,77 18,50 0,00
Height H Length L Depth W Diameter D
10,00 68,00 47,00 0,00


Sea Taxi/See Doo Yamaha water toy garage

All products in the TIFFANY LINE use CIMA of WHITE COLOR, thank you.

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