The Knots 

The bracelets

What do you have, what we have, what happens to us? Ouch our love is a hard rope that binds us wounding us, and if we want to get out of our wound, separate ourselves, tighten a new knot and condemn us to bleed and burn us together.

“The verses of the captain” Pablo Neruda

The knots must be perfect, they are small works of art, born from this idea “the knots”.

For years we have seen a little of everything on the market, but never something simple and well done, in which the only thing that stands out is the beauty of cleaning a well-executed knot.

The knot patterns we offer are 8 and are.

The materials used are 3mm top, cotton and silver, null ‘other.

Choose your knot and your favorite color and jump on board!