The line

For the new collection I left, as always, that to decide were the senses, nothing else …

Nothing that did not come out of the scent of wood, from hearing the sound it produces when exposed to the wind.

I do not design products, I dream them, at most I imagine them, then I realize them.

And then you just have to imagine the product I want: the only one that can occupy that space and make it unique, refined, simple and unforgettable, and like choosing a dress: you can not choose the most beautiful, it does not exist … you have to wear what It is tailor-made for you: what makes you unique.

So I had to dare and create “the dress” for everyone, difficult as a task, but we succeeded and with pleasure we present, apart from the many new products, the new extraordinary 4 lines, such as:

The Classic

Okoumè wood, walnut color, and with 5 colors of matching rope and leather, such as Blue, Beige, Gray, Cream, and Black.

Total Black

Okoumè wood, black lacquered, with rope and leather in black color.


Okoumè wood, cream lacquered, with rope and cream colored leather.

Modern Decapè

Wood Ash, cream and paint base Decapè light gray, with rope and cream colored leather.

The result is amazing, finally you can choose, apart from the object, the color with which you want it.

My objects start from pure sensations and tend to evoke feelings, emotions and memories that, enhancing the uniqueness of the moment, intertwine with the individual story of each of us.