About Us

About Us

“Boats and the sea have always been my
passion, and the desire to live around them
for as long as possible, has transformed my
passion into business”.
It is from this passion that Marricreo is born.

Marricreo, is a napoletan word that means
satisfaction, fulfillment, gratification, pleasure
and it is exactly what I feel when I create my

Marricreo is a reality that relies on people with
expertise in the field of leather and wood craft
to achieve its goals.
The synergy between my creativity and the
experience of my team has created a set of
unique, functional and beautiful objects to
Marricreo’s belief: Made in Italy with no compromise!

Our Mission

A wide range of articles, suitable for any environment,
which in everyday use
they are functional, well made, beautiful, durable
over time and with a reasonable price.

Objects that enrich the environment in which
they find themselves and make the action more pleasant
that we are about to do.

Each object is tried and tried again in the
more absurd situations, is proposed for sale
only when its characteristics will be

This is our spirit, so many trials, difficulties
and unexpected, but the determination to bring it
finalization and recognition of our customers,
they are the greatest satisfactions.

I Marricreo and I want you to do it too